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David Sharkey - Portfolio

The Divi WordPress Theme for Beginners – Udemy course

The Divi WordPress theme for beginners is a Udemy course I published in 2019, teaching students how to use a specific WordPress theme.

The course invites users to follow along as I build a website from scratch, and includes homework, downloadable resources, and more.

There are 676 people enrolled in the course, and it has a rating of 4.5/5. Over 80,000 minutes of video lectures have been watched by students in 57 countries.

JavaScript Animations with GreenSock (GSAP) – Udemy course

My second Udemy course was on the subject of JavaScript animations. The course features 2 hours of video lectures, as well as quizzes and downloadable resources.

The course has 442 enrolled students and a rating of 4.5/5.

The CALA E-Learning Zone

The CALA E-Learning Zone offers a range of online courses for childcare practitioners.

I designed, coded and maintained the website, and was involved in the creation of the courses.

The website runs on WordPress, with a custom made theme, using LearnDash as the LMS. Interactivity was added using H5P and Adobe Articulate.

The site also acts as an e-commerce website (WooCommerce), allowing users to purchase courses and redeem vouchers.

I generated monthly reports detailing usage statistics to the Scottish Government, Highland Council, and others.

Eradicate Plastic

Eradicate Plastic is a blog I built in 2019, focusing the environmental damage caused by the use of single-use plastics.

There are 22 articles, with an average length of 1500 word, all written by me.

In the past year the website has attracted 38,000 visitors.

The website is not monetised. It was created because it is a subject I am interested in, and it taught me a lot about running a blog, as well as using Google Analytics, SEO and WordPress.

Highland Speed Web

Highland Speedweb was a web design business I ran, aimed at small businesses in the Highlands.

Brightspace Guidance Portal

The Brightspace Guidance Portal acts as a repository of online resources for UHI staff to learn more about the Brightspace LMS.

I designed and coded it from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GreenSock, SVGs and Flexbox.

The site features an instant search function,  an Ajax category filter, animations and popups.

Essential Student Skills

The Essential Student Skills website is designed to point UHI students in the direction of online resources that  introduce students to various aspects of learning at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

The website was designed and coded from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, GreenSock, Flexbox, and SVGs.

The site features an instant search function, flip boxes and smooth scrolling.

Assorted web designs

Intandem – a WordPress theme I developed from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Visit theme website.

CALA Staffbank – a website I developed for an Inverness-based childcare charity. Visit website.

Assorted graphic design

The following banners were designed to be used within Brightspace courses. I designed them from scratch using Adobe Illustrator.

The following portfolio pieces are a random selection of graphic design work I have carried out over the past few years.