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Lesson 02 – Emerald Publishing’s modern slavery policy

As an ethical and conscientious company, Emerald Publishing are fully committed to ensuring we are not directly nor indirectly responsible for children or adults being kept as slaves, anywhere in the world. We believe it is possible to be a profitable company while adhering to strict ethical and legal standards.

We can all play a part in ending modern slavery

Our commitment

You should familiarise yourself with Emerald Publishing’s Modern Slavery Act policy.

The policy outlines our commitment to ensuring modern slavery plays no part in our supply chain. We do so by:

  • Carrying out checks during the recruitment process to ensure that pay and conditions are appropriate and all relevant laws are adhered to.
  • Ensuring all relevant policies are in place and kept up to date, including our modern slavery policy, human trafficking policy and our supplier code of conduct.
  • Carefully researching our suppliers to mitigate the risk of modern slavery being a part of our supply chain.

Time to reflect