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Modern slavery

Around the world, including in the UK, millions of children and adults are trapped in slavery. At Emerald Works, we are committed to ensuring we do not contribute to this global problem. We have designed this course to increase your understanding of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and how it relates to Emerald Publishing.

Click play on the video below to watch the true story of Elvira, a victim of modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015

In 2015, the UK Government signed into law the Modern Slavery Act, aimed at combating modern slavery in the UK, and consolidating existing laws relating to trafficking and slavery.

Under the law, large organisations are required to publish an annual statement detailing the steps taken in that year to ensure human slavery is not taking place within the organisation, or within their supply chain. Businesses must comply with this order if they engage in commercial activities and have a total turnover of over £36,000,000.

If an organisation has not undertaken any work throughout the year to confirm the existence of slavery, they must say so in the report.

The statement must be published on the organisation’s website, with a link to it in a prominent place, reachable from the homepage.

Failure to comply

Penalties for businesses that do not comply with the Modern Slavery Act can be severe:

“If a business fails to produce a slavery and human trafficking statement for a particular financial year the Secretary of State may seek an injunction through the High Court… requiring the organisation to comply. If the organisation fails to comply with the injunction, they will be in contempt of a court order, which is punishable by an unlimited fine.”

Aside from legal implications, the reputation of an organisation could suffer if they are seen to not be complying with the Modern Slavery Act. 

It is simply not acceptable for any organisation to say, in the 21st Century, that they did not know [about slavery in the supply chain]… By increasing supply chain accountability, more workers will be protected and consumers will have greater confidence in the foods and services they buy.

Theresa May, 2015

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